Live Endpoint Response Client

The Live Endpoint Resposne Client (LERC) provides a service for resumable file transfer from client to server to analyst/user. Additionally, LERC acts as a Remote Access Solution with the following commands:

Major Features

  • Fast data transfer via chuncked streaming
  • Bi-directional file transfers automatically resume after broken connections
  • Run shell commands on clients and stream back results
  • Installed as a service with a MSI installer
  • Capability to sign the MSI and EXE you build
  • Client can be set to trust a custom server signing cert
  • All clients are verified by the server by a certificate you specify
  • Control API to interact with the server and control the clients
  • Clients will uninstall and delete themselves when issued a “quit” command
  • Server will only accept control commands from a verified certificate you provide

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